Monday, 1 June 2015

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                                        British Nurse Uniform 


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For Tech Arts, at the very moment I am in Art. We are doing paintings in World War 1, painting either Gallipoli or Flanders Field. We had to have a foreground, a mid-ground, and a background, as well as a symbol to show which army was represented.  In each level, there had to be action.

 I decided to set mine at Gallipoli, on board a British hospital boat, facing the beach. Below are the details.

Foreground: A British nurse, holding a bowl and rag looking down.

Mid-ground: Stretchers with wounded soldiers on them, a doctor and another nurse moving between them, applying bandages and checking up on them.
Background: The sea, with boats coming across with more wounded. The actual beach, with boats being pushed off, and trenches.
Symbol: An armband on the nurse, with the Union Jack on it. The Union Jack flag being flown on the hospital boat, and the boats coming across. The red cross flag, to symbolise the hospital, also being flown and on the mid-ground nurse.


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