Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Exhibition Reflection

Over the eight weeks of Exhibition, I have learnt a lot, and recapped things I already knew, in not only research and presentation, but others such as writing emails to companies, distributing jobs fairly between group members, and more. This has certainly been a learning experience.

I learnt about the Inquiry Cycle, which I had never heard of before. Tuning in was I think a team building exercise, where we learnt each others strengths, weakness's and work ethics. We got to know each other and became a team.
Finding Out was I think one of the most challenging for my group, from splitting jobs, to actually getting the research done, we had a few arguments, but got there in the end. Going Further went smoother, we all got the job done, contributed ideas, and worked well as a team. We found valuable information, that helped later on. From then things went smoother, we got everything done, flowed smoother as a team, and had few hiccups.

On the actual day, I think we could have distributed jobs more evenly, as some didn't explain our Exhibition as others. Although, we were organised, as each of us was in charge of a line of inquiry.

If we ever did this again, I think I could have adjusted to my team members work ethics better, which may have produced a better result.

Overall, we got there in the end, with a few mistakes, but an overall achievement that I think our whole group was proud of.

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