Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Aranui Focus

Today my team (Aranui) performed our Focus. (Our assembly in a way.) Ours was based on Who We Are, our current UOI topic. We did it on stereotypes in fairy tales. 

We split up into four groups,  each group doing a different fairytale. My group did Sleeping Beauty. There was also Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Snow White. We then had to get rid of as many stereotypes as possible. 

My group turned ours kiwiana. We had the three fairies as three Blackcaps (the New Zealand Cricket team) an ordinary lesbian girl for the princess,who rejects the prince after he saved her life. I quite liked our scene, I think it was original, and I just want to say congratulations to the people in our group who wrote it in practically a night.

The Cinderella group changed to Kiwiella, also kiwinated (if that's a word!) They had a welly (gumboot) for a slipper, the prince was ugly, and also rejected, and Kiwiella stayed single.

Snow White became Sunny and the happy people. The Hunter was female, the main character male, and was also killed, not saved. And instead of dwarfs, they had a village called Happy Village.

Little Red Riding hood turned into Little Red Riding Hat. The main character was male, the granny was the antagonist, and the baking he was going to give to the granny was shop bought, not made by the Mum. 

Everyones scenes were made unique, and un-stereotypical, and I think we did well, considering our limited time frame.

Well Done to everyone!

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