Tuesday, 18 August 2015

1000 cranes

At school recently, as the 70th anniversary has recently been, we read a story about a young active girl living in Japan, who got leukaemia from the radiation 9 years after the bombing. Her friend folded her a golden crane, and told her how when a sick person folds a thousand cranes, they get a wish. She then proceeded to fold a thousand, before she died. She unfortunately only got to 694 before she passed away. But, her legacy lived on. Her friends and family folded the remaining cranes, and she got buried with 1000 cranes. They then set up a fundraiser, and made a statue with the girl holding a golden crane in her hand. In scripted into the base of the statue is the words,
" This is our prayer, this is our cry; peace to the world."
Which our whole class found touching. There is now a origami folding class by the statue, and there are now thousands of cranes under the statue.

So, we decided to fold a thousand cranes. By the first day we had almost 200, so we were pretty determined! We have now 999 and Mrs Hogg is folding the thousandth this evening in gold paper.

Click here for more information on Mrs Hogg's blog.

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