Tuesday, 18 August 2015

If You Were a....

I decided to do a post on if I was an animal or bird or plant, what would I be? If you would like to say what you would like to be, please comment.

If I was a bird....
I would be barn owl because they have amazing hearing, can see really well and are formidable predators. To me, they look elegant and graceful when they are flying.
I would also want to be an hawk because I would love to be able to fly high, and just glide. I also love the colours on there feathers, and they look fierce, like warriors.

a Barn owl
A hawk


If I was a an animal....
I would be a panda. I love there fur, and although they are slow, the way they move.  I know they are capable of attacking ferociously, which is another reason they have always been one of my favourite animals.

If I was a sea creature...
I would be a dolphin. They are clever and playful, and are fast swimmers. I love the way they swim. I would either want to be a Spinner dolphin, or a Fraser's as they both look sleek, fast and powerful. 

If I was a plant...
I would be Lady Anne's lace, which is a flower. It is a weed, but I have always found it graceful, and I love it's smell. We have a lot around our house, which is why I have learnt to appreciate it.

If I was a mythical creature...
I would be a fairy. Once again, I have always wanted to fly, and doing magic would be a bonus.

I would also want to be a dragon, like the one from the Eragon series. Christopher Paolini's drawings of them are exactly what I would I would imagine a dragon to look like.


  1. If I was a bird I would be a... Blue macaw because they are very agile and clever.
    If I was an animal I would be a... Hippo because they are big rolly polly creatures that I love.
    If I was a sea creature I would be a... Dolphin as well because they are fun amazing creatures.
    If I was a plant I would be a... Cactus because they have intricate tight designs but can be a little bit prickly [a bit like me]
    If I was a mythical creature I would be a... Hippocampy because they are my favourite.

  2. This is really cool. The colour in the owls feathers kind of looks like your hair colour as well. What would you be if you were an insect? or a greek mythical creature? I can imagine you as a panda by the way ;) ~Olivia

  3. WOW Emily your blog is amazing!
    I would have to agree with Rose with being a cactus as a plant because it has a great weapon to keep predators away and it looks really graceful.
    If I were a sea creature, I would want to be a turtle because I think that they are really cute although they are very easy prey!
    If I were an animal I would be a pronghorn antelope because they are so beautiful and they are fast as well.
    If I were a bird I would be a peregrine falcon because they are one of the fastest birds in the world. They can get up to 200 kmph!
    I don't really know any mythical creatures so I can't do that one.
    I can also imagine you as a panda!
    Chloe :-)