Thursday, 12 March 2015

How To Make a Good Comment

Have you ever wanted to make a comment on your friends blog that was worthwhile, but ended up with,

" Hey, I totes love your blog, check out mine at........."

or something similar? Well, this is the right place for you. So sit back, get a cup of tea and a biscuit, and read on!

Step 1:   Be Specific

Make sure that you are specific with what you are saying.  If you liked their blog, say what you liked about it. If you are giving feed forward, don't babble on, get straight to the point, but be polite.

Step 2: Give Compliments

There's nothing better than getting that warm fuzzy feeling when you read something nice about yourself. Giving compliments is a really nice way to comment, It makes the blog owner feel good about themselves, and it could give them a confidence boost to post more. But make sure the comment is specific (see above) and worth reading.

Step 3:   Relate to the author

If there is something you can relate to in the post, (eg: A place you both went to, something you both like, or something you've both seen, then comment on it. I t gives you a connection with the author, and might encourage them to tell you more.

Step 4:   Ask Questions

everyone likes being questions that only they can answer, it gives them a sense of supiority. Ask useful questions, like,

Do you know anything else about the Great Wall of China? What's the history behind it?"

Things that they haven't already included into their post. This can also encourage further discussions.

Step 5:   Feed Forward

It's useful to give people feed forward, as it gives them a chance to improve their blogs and literature skills. But just make sure you do it in a polite way, or you may appear rude. For example:

Don't say

" Why did you say ......... on your post, it is just soooooo weird. Who would do that?"


" Not being to be rude or anything, but......."

because if you really didn't want to be rude, you wouldn't say it. Instead, maybe put something on like

"I really liked the way you did this, maybe in the future you could......"

This sounds more polite, and you have also complimented them.


Well that's that. Hopefully you're on you way to a future filled with careful commenting. I hope you learnt from this post, and feel free to keep coming to my blog foe new ideas.

Happy blogging!

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