Thursday, 19 March 2015

Student Blogging Challenge Week Three


I sit watching the world go by, waves lapping, seagulls cawing, my feet curled into the sand, my book left forgotten on my lap. I am alone in this small paradise, free, just me and my thoughts.  As I stare into the horizon, I notice  disturbance out at sea. I get up from under my parasol and walk to the waters edge, the waves enticing me in to it's depths, stroking my toes. I squint, trying to see further than my eyes are capable, and gasp as I realize what I am looking at is a ........................

Feel free to finish the story how you like, but please make sure it is appropriate. Thank you!


  1. Hi Emily, I really liked your story, you hooked me in from the beginning. But in my case I'm not such a great author so don't get your hopes too high for a great ending. Though I'll try my best.

    I squint, trying to see further than my eyes are capable, and gasp as I realize what I am looking at is... Dolphins! Their beautiful silver fins are hard to miss, but now I realize it's not the only thing parading the crystal waters. As if reading my mind a giant ship speeds out of the horizon. I didn't really think that much about it at first, but then I realized it was making a beeline straight towards the dolphins...

  2. unicorn. I watch as it fly's majestically over the water kicking up spray with its hooves. It comes towards me and lands in front of me putting out its wing for me to use as a ramp to get onto its back and as I get closer I can see the glittering water rolling of his coat in beads and hitting the sand at my feet. I climb onto him sitting bareback but still feeling safe as he glides over the ocean. Soon we come across a deserted island with beaches so white it looks like salt. When he lands he kneels down so I can get of and when I don't he just starts walking towards a pond where he threatens to jump in with me on his back. I scramble off a soon as possible and stand in front of him... Bad idea, he nudged my back and I fell in the water and got soaking wet. Laughing I climb back out and walk over to him. When I get close enough to touch him he reels around and gallops out of my reach then looks back, daring me to chase him, so I do. This game goes on and on until finally I climb a tree above him and drop onto his back. Then we relax for a few hours and when I start to fall asleep he takes me home.