Monday, 23 March 2015

The Block

The Block
I think the day went well, I definitely enjoyed it, which was important with bonding with the group. I think we connected well, and worked better together as the day progressed.

We could have probably spent more time on the quiz, which would have set up the day better, point wise. The shelter could have been improved on, if we had more time and better equipment.

The group next to us set up their tent efficiently, and effectively solved their problem about a missing part:they also decorated well.

This relates to the Central Idea (Individuals impact can impact on a community's ability to function effectively) because we all had an unspoken role to play, that we all understood, and pitched in without complaint when something needed doing, which doesn't happen everyday. 
Overall I had a enjoyable day, that I would do again If I got a chance.

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