Friday, 17 April 2015

A Reflection


New Horizons

For New Horizons I did Illustrator's Workshop, where we got to illustrate 1-3 pages in a book called Finding Me by Mrs Anderson.
I think the three day's was a learning experience that will be hard to forget. I know I made some new friends, and learnt some cool  techniques for artwork. We also got the opportunity to see a guest artist's work, which were incredibly inspirational.

I think I could do it again, I would put my hand up for a different page to illustrate, and maybe try to complete it sooner. I would try to come up with different ideas and look at the quote's at a new angle.

I found that everyone was really helpful and supportive: for example I had about five people help me draw a big patch of gravel, so I could finish on time.
All the adults were amazing, they were helping us by suggesting new ways of drawing and helped with the pack up. Everyone didn't hold back their ideas, shared them to improve everyone's work, and overall, the work was all the better because of it.

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