Friday, 17 April 2015

Student Blogging Challenge

Week Four

Activity 4:

This was an activity for designing our own celebration.

My celebration would be about knowledge. Each year would be dedicated to a different person who contributed to our knowledge today. For example: Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, or Steven Hawking. Each person would be voted on each year. I think it would provide more unity if the whole world celebrated the same person, but it may be more practical to have one different person per country. We could have the vote on the census form, each time their would be a suggestion of different people to celebrate for the following years, and public voted on the one they preferred, majority would win. Children would go to school, as it is celebrating knowledge, and would do a study on the person that country was celebrating each year. I also think this would be a good learning opportunity, as we would  learn about people who contributed to world wide knowledge today.
By Clarita  from Morgue Files

By Rosevita from Morgue Files
Dodgerton Skillhause  from Morgue Files

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