Thursday, 30 April 2015

Count out Three

 The Blogs I Visited

(Plus the comments I left for them.) All the Blog titles are linked so you can visit them.

First Round

Emily - Canada

Hi Emily,
 I really enjoyed reading this post, it was detailed and really expressed your point your view. I really like all your opinions, encouraging people to go outside, and things they could do if the electricity went. Feel free to visit my blog at: Thanks,
Emily from New Zealand

Sabine's blog

Hi Sabine,
I really liked your picture, it was a really unique idea to think of. The poem goes well with it, I liked all the rhymes, and the use of words.
Please visit my blog at:

Avery's Blog

Hi Avery,
My guess is also that this is Easter, thanks to the pictures!I liked your blog, you have a lot of links on your blog roll, which is useful for ‘Count out Three’ for Student Blogging Challenge, which I am also participating in. Please visit my blog at: Thanks! Good luck with future blogging,

Second Round

Ella's Blog - Australia

Hi Ella,
I think this is just the beginning of Spring, just come out of Autumn or the other way round, going into Autumn.
I really like your blog, the background is colourful and creative. I enjoyed reading the paragraph above, it was descriptive and well written, you could really picture being there.
Please visit my blog at:

Hayley's Blog

Hi Hayley,
I really enjoyed reading this post, the description was really good, I particularly liked the “deep blackberry purple leaves’ part that was a unique way to describe them. I also liked the photos, they were taken well.
Around what time is Autumn for you? I’m in New Zealand, and I wanted to know the difference.
Please check my blog at:

Lauren's Blog

( My comment is "awaiting moderation" but I will add it on as soon as it is posted. I forgot to copy it before posting!)

Third Round

Rosa's Blog

Hi Rosa,
I liked your post, it sounds like you have fun in the sun. I also really like your theme with the trees and the greens and the flowers.
I am a big fan of the Beyonders series as well, I’ve read the first one and can’t wait to get my hands on the second. ( I haven’t found it in my library yet.)
A series I would recommend is Septimus Heap by Angie Sage. It’s a really good series that I enjoyed immensely .
Please visit my blog at:

Jazzy's Blog

Hi Jazzy,
I really enjoyed reading your poem, it told you to keep reading, to keep imagining that place, which I found original.
I also like your background, it’s really cool and in one of my favourite colours!
Please visit my blog at:

Samantha's Blog

Hi Samantha,
I really enjoyed reading this post, despite what you say, I really like the part about circles and squares, you could think about them forever, and relate it to real life.
I also read through your “True Story of Cinderella” It was really cool to read, I liked the part about the bakery, how did you come up with that?
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