Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Final Challenge

An Audit of My Blog

We are now at the very end of the 2015 Student Blogging Challenge. I'm glad my class decided to join it as it has been entertaining and a great learning experience.
This week, we have three tasks, to write an audit, then ask someone else to look around your blog, and ask them to write one.
To evaluate the Student Blogging Challenge itself.
Finally, to fill in a form on the Blogging Challenge website.

This is my audit on my blog.

I wrote....

16 For Student Blogging Challenge
6 School posts
1 Personal, in my own time.
Altogether (so far) I have written: 23

I am going to start writing more in my time, as the challenge as stopped, so it won't be my priority.

Who they are from:

Mrs Hogg: 2
Brooke: 1
Rosa: 1
Renee: 2
Kaye: 1
Olivia: 1
Emily (not me): 5

Altogether I have received: 13

Where they are from:
New Zealand

I received the most comments on Student Blogging Challenge where I introduced the Challenge, and why I thought it was a good idea.
I think someone commented on it because I was introducing something new, had added a picture, and links. I then replied, which got a conversation going, which equals more comments.

My favourite post to write was the "Let's Travel" challenge, when I went to Egypt. I think because I planned it out the most, and spent the most time finding places out, I enjoyed writing about it more. Also, in real life, I would love to go to Egypt, and hope to sometime in the future.

I haven't changed themes at all, I liked Ethereal from the start, and stuck with it. My colours haven't changed either, I mainly followed this key, blue for main text, red for headings, and green for anything else, but sometimes changed it up a bit.

I think I may need a few more widgets to fill up the side a bit, it looks empty as you scroll down to real the other posts, so that is a future goal, as well as getting a title bit for the top.

I don't actually have a blog roll, I have a page with five students from over seas, for Count out Three.

So far, I haven't used any web tools, when I tried to get them onto my blog, it wouldn't work properly, so I'm still trying to work this out. When I have, I will add them to my posts.

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  1. Great blogging Emily. Persevere with the technical issues! Really loved your poems, especially the two about being in year 6 and 8. They really felt personal to you and I could almost hear you talking in them. Keep writing, keep reading and keep blogging!