Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Poem

This poem is one I wrote at school, about being a ghost, and not able to move on.

I am
The only one
Who can claim
To be
As old as earth herself
Time passes
Like sand in an hour glass
But I am not old enough
Not yet
I age but don't pass
To the void beyond
I am afraid
Of the future
I am tied down
by my own fear
that ugly monster
That resides
In my heart
I drift on
And on
In my own home
I fly
But am chained to
to the world
There is no escape
I chose the wrong path.


  1. Dear Emily,
    This is an amazing poem, I truly loved it.Thanks for visiting my blog. I really loved all your posts. You can click on my name to redirect you to my blog again? Want to be blogging friends? I would love to have you on my blogroll. Please reply soon. -Rosa

    1. Hi Rosa,
      Thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it. I would like to be on your blog roll, and I will put you on my useful links, if that is OK with you.