Monday, 11 May 2015

Week 8 - Student Blogging Challenge

Let's Travel

This is the last stage of my journey I will plan out on my blog. I am going to Japan, and staying there for two weeks in Tokyo, the capital, at Citadines Shinjuku Hotel, for $1687. While here I will need a working permit, as I would like a job to get to know the locals.

Here is what I will need for a working permit:
A job offer (I will apply two months before arriving in Tokyo.)
A valid passport
A visa from the country I live. (For me, New Zealand.)
Everything is valid and proper, with no irregularities, or I may not be allowed in the country.

I will try to get a job that includes working around people, using Japanese, maybe in a café or assisting in a school, to improve my own language skills, and get to know the people and there culture. I will try to get a four day job, so I have three days a week for travelling.

In my spare time, here is where I will go:                 (Linked to the website)

And many more, as there are hundreds to go to.
I will allow myself $200 for extra fees I didn't plan.
$200 for shopping, Taxis, and trains.
$100 for emergencies.
$100 for eating out.

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