Saturday, 9 May 2015

Week 8 - Student Blogging Challenge

Let's Travel

This week is so far, is my favourite challenge. You imagine you have just turned eighteen and you going to spend a year travelling, learning about cultures, working in different countries and seeing the sights. We have to learn about passports, visa's and facts about that country, and visit one country per continent, except Antarctica. I have been working hard these past two years with a decent wage and have a fair amount of money to spend on my travels.
Here is where I will go:

Africa - Egypt - Not working
Europe - United Kingdom - Not working
Asia - Japan - Working
Australia - Tasmania - Not working
North America - Alaska - Working
South America- Brazil - Working

The weight limit for Air New Zealand (which is who I would probably fly with)
is 23kg, so I would pack fairly light, and fill my suit case with shopping.

What I will need to pack in my suit case:

  • Toiletries
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 top
  • 1 jumper
  • 1 coat
  • 1 pair of sandals
  • 1 pair of trainers
  • 1 swimming suit
  • Necessary hair accessories (e.g: Hair bubbles, hairbrush e.t.c)
  • Phone charger (I will by adaptor plugs at the countries.)

For my carry-on bag, the weight limit is 7kg.

What I would pack:

    • A book
    • My phone (contact family & friends)
    • Toiletries and other necessities
    • Spare change of clothes
    • Chewing gum (so my ears don't pop)
    • Tissues
    • Neck pillow
    • Purse (with money, cards, e.t.c)

    If you can think of any other things, please comment.

    Africa - Egypt

    I decided I wanted to go to Egypt because I am fascinated by there history. I put in some research and found it can take up to six months to secure a job, so I will get a tourist visa and travel around the country, seeing the sights, meeting the locals, and learning about there country's history.

    Here is what I would need to get into the country: 

    • You can get your visa when you enter Egypt, fill in a form prior arrival, or get one from either the Diplomatic and Consular Missions Abroad or from the Entry Visa Department at the Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration.
    • New Zealand citizens must have a passport valid for six months beyond how long you wish to stay. You also need a visa. (See above.)
    • You need a yellow fever vaccination certificate if you have travelled through an infected area within 6 days before arriving in Egypt.
    I found this information here.

    I will spend two weeks travelling up the coast of Egypt, starting off at Alexandria, landing at the Alexandria International Airport.  I will then check in on the 3rd of March at the Helnan Palestine Hotel, and leave on the 10th to catch a bus to Sidi Bishr, up the coast. I will stay for three days there, and check in at the nearest hotel, with a price limit of $450.
    I will then continue to travel up the coast, until I arrive at Al Muntazah Place, where I will stay for the remaining four days at the Al Muntazah Plaza Hotel for $554. This is conveniently four miles from the Doha Qatar Airport, where I will fly to my next destination.

    When at Egypt I will allow myself $200 for shopping, not including necessities, and for tickets to museums and thing like that. If it is a once in a life time opportunity then I will most definitely go over-board.

    I found out that the toilet signs say W.C on them, usually with the Egyptian version underneath.

    A cup of coffee in a cafe or bar costs 12 Egyptian pounds, which is $2.10c in New Zealand.

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    1. Well done Emily, you have done a fabulous job of planning out your time. I really enjoy researching what I would do with my time too. I would've liked you to have a few photos added for visual interest.